Clean Energy Program

The Clean Energy Program (CLEP) is part of the Community Enhancement Program, which can be downloaded here.

The CLEP was revised in 2016, following feedback from applicants. The revised CLEP began operation on 1st September 2016. If you had already applied for Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the program, you should have received a letter from us in September letting you know the next steps.

If you haven’t applied for the program yet, then we recommend you get involved. Under Stage 1 of the program, if you are eligible, you will receive an energy audit of your house. Under Stage 2 of the program, eligible residents will be able to apply for a grant of approximately $6500 to make energy efficiency improvements to their house. This might include installation of a solar hot water service, a solar PV system, wall insulation or better insulated windows.

Below is a suite of documents about the Clean Energy Program.

We recommend you first read the Clean Energy Program Brochure. It provides a good overview of the program. If you want to apply, you can then download an application form.

If you want to investigate the program in more detail, we’ve provided a host of other documents.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the program.

Must read documents:

Optional read documents:

Historical documents:

The Clean Energy Program is a part of the Community Enhancement Program (CEP) approved under condition 5.6 of the wind farm’s Development Approval. The CEP document is a binding document between the wind farm and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Information included in the other documents is provided for your convenience (often including simplified summaries to try and make your life easier), but should any information conflict, the CEP document remains the binding commitment with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.