Supply and Subcontractor Opportunities

We have appointed the construction contractors who will complete the work. Three different contractors have been awarded contracts.

1. Consolidated Power Projects Australia or CPP will complete the electrical works, including installation of the underground high voltage cables on the wind farm and across to BJCE’s existing substation at Gullen Range Wind Farm. They will also extend the existing substation so that the electricity from Biala Wind Farm can be passed on to the electricity grid. Read more about CPP here.

2. CATCON will complete the civil works on the wind farm site. This includes upgrading site junctions on Grabben Gullen road, new unsealed tracks to each of the wind turbines and a concrete foundation for each wind turbine. Read more about CATCON here.

3. Goldwind, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer in 2018 will supply and maintain wind turbines. Goldwind turbines are also installed at our Gullen Range Wind Farm. Goldwind Australia employ fourteen locally based maintenance technicians at Gullen Range Wind Farm and when Biala Wind Farm construction is complete, this crew will be expanded to maintain the Biala wind turbines. Read more about Goldwind here.

If you are a sub-contractor who is interested in taking part in the project, you can register your details on our website. We will pass your details on to our primary contractors.